"At Last... Bra & Lingerie is dedicated to providing you with beautiful lingerie in those harder to find sizes."

 At Last... was born with the above concept at the forefront of our minds. We want the choices that 
stores give people in that so called 'mainstream sizes'. At Last... aims to do that by continually
expanding and diversifying our ranges. We are always on the lookout for new sensual lingerie that not
​ only looks great but makes you feel confident.  

​At  Last… Bra & Lingerie is more than a retail experience! In this elegant and relaxing setting, you can shop for lingerie that meets your changing needs. From puberty to maturity, a woman's body changes and so do her undergarments. From your first bra fitting until you retire to the comfort of camisoles, At Last… Bra & Lingerie’s experienced and qualified fitters will be there to assist and advise. A Bra that fit perfectly can make a real difference to your shape and comfort. Our fully trained advisors can help you find the right bras for every part of your life. Go to our store and enjoy a personalized bra fitting and see for yourself how the right bra can change the way you look and feel. Our professional bra experts are specially trained to determine your correct bra size and recommend the most flattering bra style for you! 


Let our expert fitters help you find the perfect look and fit for your unique body type.  We are a family business, locally owned and operated. Come experience our personalized service, a level of service you’ll never find shopping online.  You matter to us and we are only a phone call away should you need us. So come in, relax and take your time browsing our collections.  We’re confident that you will find lingerie you’ll love, that’s perfectly fitted to you.

Who Are We

Connis Kimball

Our Mission

Benita Kimball


2063 Arena Blvd. #150

Sacramento, Ca. 95834